We have been campaigning via Facebook since 2013 to have Walter Tull recognised for his gallant efforts in Worl War 1.This campaign hopes to see this remarkable man be awarded the medal he never received owing to how people of colour were viewed by the establishment. The campaign will help put to right some wrongs from the past. The campaign seeks and helps to bring to light the actions and life of Walter Tull. View our lasting vision here

Join in the campaign on Facebook lets see to a fitting statue to be erected in his honour and for Walter Tull to be posthumously awarded the Military Cross.

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3 months ago


This soldier marched through searing hot sand,
Dreaming of England, our emerald land.

This soldier took bullets in his face,
Wound in his leg, he kept up the pace.

This soldier missed the birth of his son,
Just this cold wet trench, no gurgling fun.

This soldier was blown up, nothing was left,
No body, no coffin just those bereft.

This soldier jumped ship, swam back up to fire.
Sharks, hypothermia, situations dire.

This soldier ploughed through, leech infested bog,
Sleeping no escape, from his life of slog.

This soldier lost both legs, but he survived,
Starving, impossible odds, all were deprived

This soldier was frightened but still he went,
Battling, where blood had already been spent.

This soldier cried, frustration unreal,
All of our lads had nerves of steel.

This soldier frostbitten, lost his fingers,
Wives at home, thought of him lingers

This soldier was burnt to death,
What did he think, in his last breath?

This soldier committed suicide, no secrets told,
Dehydration, bombs or the bitter cold.

This soldier knows death is near, looks to skies,
Thoughts of his love, before closing his eyes.

This soldier suffered psychological trauma,
Twitching and ticking in a hospital corner.

This soldier was tortured but he didn’t tell,
No information “Go to hell!”

This soldier under nourished, gun still raised,
Bomb noise, gunshot leaving him phased.

This soldier had no protection, he went over the top,
Will this bloody war ever stop?

This soldier not forgotten, we remember you,
Your souls are glorious, courageously true.

Meia Allegranza
3rd December 2018
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3 months ago

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5 months ago

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6 months ago

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