Walter Tull Forgotten Hero

Our Vision

The vision is that one day Walter Tull will become a household name and his story will be told as part of the National Curriculum. He will be remembered as a hero and become part of British history.

His memory will serve to inspire and help us all reflect upon the man, the times he lived in and his heroic actions

His story will remind us of the culture in the early part of the twentieth century and remind us of the positive changes in our society today.

For people that identify with his colour, it will help them to be proud British citizens and help them identify positive historical contributions.

The Walter Tull story will set society on a path to discover other significant Black and minority heroes who may have been ignored or written out of our history books.


Our Story

Nick Marr

In 2010 founder of Nick Marr was both saddened and inspired by the Walter Tull story. Saddened that he had never even heard of the name Walter Tull. Upset by the injustice of those times and that no one had really taken the story to the media.

" I am determined to get Walter's name recognised and for him to become an inspiration for others. His story shows some great values, including loyalty to his country, resilience, leadership, determination, and the strength to get over adversity. If only Walter's story was around when I was a boy! As a mixed-race person growing up in the UK in the sixties it would have given me extra pride and strength and helped my school recognise that we all made a contribution to the wars of the past. Today my vision is for his story to become commonplace and for schools to teach his story"

Nick started a Facebook Page Walter Tull, First World War Hero Medal Campaign


Nick Marr

I am a digital marketing professional. When I heard of the Walter Tull story I found so impactive that I wanted to help get his story out to the world. I have been so impressed by the reactions to the Walter Tull story especially amongst so many retired soldiers