British Army Officer

Lieutenant Walter Tull was the first British-born black army officer and the first black officer to lead white British troops into battle.He fought on the Somme in 1916 and became the first black combat officer in the British army, despite a military rule excluding “negroes” from exercising actual command.

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Walter Tull Coin

Walter Tull commemorative coin, features his portrait of the officer with a backdrop of infantry soldiers going “over the top”, one of a set of six £5 coins to remember the sacrifice made by so many during the war.The coin makes part of the commemorations of the centenary of WWI.

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Walter Tull was a professional footballer, his playes for Clapton, First Division side Tottenham Hotspur and for Northampton Town. Established as one of the club’s best players. Tull would score nine goals in 110 games playing at half-back, earning considerable praise for his dynamic displays.

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The website aims to inform, help generations recognise a true hero and be inspired by his story.

Founder Nick Marr

Walter Tull is a true British hero who overcame prejudices of the time to exceed in his sporting career and his army life. He for me sums up everything that makes me so proud to be British"

The story serves as an inspiration to all but especially Britain's black, Asian and minority ethnic population.

Black heroes and stories of how minorities contributed to the Britsih way of life were written out of our history books. This has resulted in a lack of role models for all of us to appreciate. It's time to right some of those wrongs and move forward with positive role models from all communities.

This is an injustice to thousands of soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice in both world wars and continue to do so right to this day

Walter Tull Army Hero

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Walter Tull, First World War Hero Medal Campaign
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A reminder of Tulls story In 1911, after just 10 first team appearances and two goals for Tottenham, he moved to Northampton Town in the Southern League.His new manager was Herbert Chapman, who had played for Spurs and went on to manage Huddersfield Town and Arsenal to considerable success.Between 1911 and 1914, Tull made 111 appearances for Northampton Town. ... See MoreSee Less
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Some moving pictures of the blitz helping us remember with clarity VE Day ... See MoreSee Less
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THE UNTOLD STORY OF WILLIAM DABNEYWilliam Dabney could barely see the outline of the French coast as his landing vessel made an unsteady approach before dawn on June 6, 1944. A giant, zeppelin-shaped helium balloon hovered over the Allied boat. Strapped to Dabney via a long steel cable, it was designed to dissuade German fighter pilots from strafing the US soldiers who were about to hit Omaha Beach.In the bloody chaos that ensued, Dabney’s balloon was shot out above him. “Some marines had already landed before us and the beach was just about covered with dead bodies,” he told FRANCE 24 in a recent interview. “Of course we were still coming in, just stepping over the bodies, moving forward.”With no replacement balloon to raise, he dug into the sand and survived long hours of carnage before regrouping with other members of the 320th Barrage Balloon Battalion – the first African American unit in the segregated US Army to come ashore on D-Day.Dabney, like other black WWII soldiers, didn’t just play a key role in reclaiming and keeping France’s northwestern shores on D-Day, he actively contributed to the entire war effort. Following the heroic invasion, the young soldier was then dispatched to a 90 mm anti-aircraft gun team.The Peace Memorial in the city of Caen now includes photos of black GIs ... See MoreSee Less
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Help to educate our kids about Walter Tull

There is a mini Scheme of Work (SoW) which is ideal for teaching about Walter Tull it can be used to build up for a Citizenship assessment or on its own.

It focuses on Walter Tull, Britain’s first ever black professional outfield football player and army officer. It grabs the interest of all the group but particularly boys.