Walter Tull The Forgotten Hero BBC Documentary

Biography of Walter Tull by Phil Vasili (London League Publications) is out in March 2018. First 15 mins of BBC4 doc Walter Tull Forgotten Hero

Phil Vasili writes about football with a passion. He wrote his first book-length manuscript in his late teens. ‘A load of pretentious tosh’ it is browning at the edges in a cupboard in his study! However, it was, he admits, good practice. Unable to separate his obsessions he writes mainly about footballers, having had published two biographies and a social history.

He has also written a novel ‘Felt and Batten’ and drama scripts. His play, Tull, directed by David Thacker, had a successful three week run at Bolton’s Octagon Theatre in 2013. Phil was executive producer of ‘Antonio’s Breakfast’ which won the 2006 short film (drama) BAFTA.